The film is now narrated by SIR PATRICK STEWART and is getting ready to be seen around the world.

New extended trailer

A Minority Pastime Extended Trailer from Minority Pastime on Vimeo.


“A Minority Pastime’ is an indie-documentary full of heart and gunned with guts…  Those who have watched ‘The Cove’ and ‘Shark Water’ with horror at the sight of humanity’s darker side, be prepared to see it revealed occurring not in some far off foreign country, but on your own doorstep and specifically, our amity envisioned countryside.” Felix Harber, Guest Author, The Film Forecast.Com

This brave film shows the actual reality of hunting with dogs, not in a gratuitous way but just the facts that many of us have known for decades… The clear distress of the people living in the countryside and being regularly terrorised by the pack, the hunters and their followers is something that few people see but it is only too apparent in this film. I applaud Denise for her courage in tackling this issue …” Emma Goodman Milne TV Vet

A white knuckle ride” –  Joe Hashman (Hounds Off) at the Chard screening

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A great moment for Minority Pastime – an award from IFAW presented by Brian May on 18th october 2011.

A Minority Pastime 2012 is here!

Those of you who saw the first version of the film may remember the film centred around a letter to then opposition leader David Cameron. In the run-up to the 2010 general election Cameron made a promise that if he became Prime Minister he would repeal the hunting ban that has been in place since 2005. Protagonist of the film, Denise Ward, wanted to know why he wanted to repeal the ban and make fox-hunting legal again. Now, Cameron is Prime Minister, but the coalition with the Liberal Democrats has restricted the Conservatives implementing some of their pre-election pledges (although how much they have been restricted is questionable.) If the Conservatives had won the election with a full majority it is likely they would of tried to repeal the ban swiftly after their move into government, however in the midst of widespread spending cuts, the fox-hunting bill has been moved to the back burner. David Cameron has, however, reiterated that the Conservatives will follow through with their pre-election pledge and will put the vote to parliament. For this reason we believe that it is as important as ever to reveal the violence and intimidation that surrounds this ‘traditional’ and ‘symbolic’ pastime.

The new version of Minority Pastime is shorter, slicker and even more powerful. As before the film follows Elcombe resident Denise Ward as she embarks on a personal journey to find out the truth behind fox-hunting. She soon discovers that behind the red coats and beautiful horses is a world of violence and abuse. It is not only animals who suffer, but people too. The pre-election narrative has now been removed but as many would argue that fox-hunting is so inherently political, it is questionable whether this makes the film less political. Shocked by the first film, Sir Patrick Stewart kindly offered to provide the voice-over for the new edit and his narration works wonderfully alongside Denise’s investigation.

Trailer April 2010

Note – This film contains shocking images.

Minority Pastime Trailer April ’10 from Minority Pastime on Vimeo.


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