A Minority Pastime 2012

Special Previews

18th July, Cardiff
20th July, Windsor Ontario
7th June, Bristol
16th May, Dorchester
20th April Chard,Somerset

Anybody who wants to attend screenings can email or send a message to 07527527603.


A Minority Pastime 2011

4th December, The Lansdown Hall, Stroud at 7.30 p.m.

Sixty people attended and all were riveted by the film. The post film discussion was electric and very moving, with personal accounts from members of the audience and comments from councillors of all political parties.
Jo Woolley, who works at the Lansdown Gallery where the film was screened was so shocked and angered by the film that she wrote about it. She sent her letter to the MP, to David Cameron and to the Stroud News and Journal, who printed it in full. A transcription will be on the testimonials page soon.

Published letter and review of Minority Pastime