On 18 February 2005, the Hunting Act came into enforcement – fox hunting was now illegal. Yet, Denise Ward (writer and producer) and other ordinary people who live in the apparently tranquil and idyllic countryside continue to find their lives barbarically disturbed and shattered by hounds in a frenzied chase of wild animals. A Minority Pastime is an on-the-ground documentary following the daily encounters between Hunts Masters, their groups and viewers, and those others who have something to say – countryside residents, hunt saboteurs and monitor groups. Denise’s investigations reveal an untold story behind this great British tradition, and raise poignant questions about the morality and, indeed, legality of this minority pastime.


Directed By

Michael Dixon

Written and Produced by

Denise Ward

Narrated by

Sir Patrick Stewart

Production Assistants

Jeanne Berry

Angela McKerral

Vicky Jordan

Xanna Ward-Dixon

Additional Camera

Jamie Deas


Kevin Feazey

Ron Rogers

Online Editors

Patrick Morgan

Dave Stephenson

Dubbing Mixers

David Ingram

Tim Wheeler

Voice-Over Cast 

Alexander Magill

Richard Morris

Greg Page

Heather Page

Nik Wood-Jones


Composed and Performed by 

Maria Daines and Paul Killington 

Blue Sun – Britches and Braces – Anya’s Prayer – Where Do All The Angels Go

What if – Intarsia – Dead in The Water – Are You My Friend

Killing Your Own – Is It Bad Enough For You – Peace Wins the Election 

Break Me – Karley – Before the Storm – Save Our World

Hit The Peake – A Minority Pastime

Special Thanks

Steve Dixon

Graham Oxford

Richard Roaf

Scott Hinds

Thea McDonald

All Our Volunteer Transcribers


Abbie Bengston – Alan Kirby – Amanda Gee – Andrea Harris – Andrew Graham Forsyth

Andrew Watson – Angie McKerral – Ann Westcott – Antony Sacket

Beryl Morris – Benjamin Kennedy-Adams – Bernard Thomas

Carol Ann Brooks – Carol Miadowicz – Caroline Lockie – Chris Clayton – Chris Curran

Chris Owen – Chris Tasker – Chris Whiteway – Christie Kessan

Christine Ward – Clare Cassar – Councillor Tommy Woodward

Coussell Family – Dan Mackie – Daniel Adams – Daphne Ligthart

Dave McKerral – David Crawford – Denise Winter – Dennyz Armstrong – Di Ruston

Dominic Davidson – Donna-Marie Fordy – Dongald Tidsnell

Elaine Milbourn – Ellen Cheyhe – Emily Martin – Emma Davock – Frankie James

Glynn Collard – Geraldine Cawthorne – Heather Payne – Helen Hutchinson

Helen Weeks – Irene Styles – Jacqueline Boothman – Jan Cowan – Janice Kendall

Jayde Ashford – Jeff Westcoff – Jenny Harrod – Jenny Holmes

Jenny O’Brien – Joan and Julian Tisdale – John Bryant

John Hannen and Amanda Young – John Phelps – Jolity Farm – Jonathan Eason

Josephine Austin – Judy Gilbert – Julie Williamson – June Henry – Kate Forsyth

Kim Jenkins – Kirsten Reed – Linda and John Quinn – Lindon Sheffield

Lisa Kemp – Lynsey Roden – M Bell – Madeleine Goumas – Main Hayworth

Mairi Mackechnie – Mankit Singh Sidhu – Margaret Evans

Maria Daines and Paul Killington – Matt Woolliscroft – Matthew John

Melanie Darlaston – Michelle Strudwick – Mile Lowing – Mile Moas – Molly Kennedy

Nichola Bruce – Nick Hallam – Nicola and Tony – Patricia Scoffield – Penny Little

Peter Bunce – Peter Joseph – Roger Coombs – Roy Campsall – Sammie O’Brien

Sharon Bengston – Sharon Macey – Scott Rennie – Sharon Meakin – Sharon Waters

Shirley Simm – Shona Ward – Stephanie Ferrans – Stephen Kourik

Steve Glanzel – Steve Weeks – Sue Daniels – Susan Baumgardt – Tony Goodrick

Vicky Jordan – Xanna Ward-Dixon – Voigt Family

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Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue 

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