dogRSA Mid-Glamorgan community was left shocked and traumatised at the weekend after a hunting hound died when it became impaled on a metal fence where it was then left for four hours. More than a dozen people – including six children – witnessed the horror.

On Saturday lunchtime hounds came into the village and rampaged through streets and resident’s gardens and allotments. One hound became impaled on a metal fence where, despite a struggle from locals trying to help the animal, it died.

Mike McCarthy, 43, of Pontshonnorton Road , Cilfynydd, reported the matter to the RSPCA and the League Against Cruel Sports, and said today: “There are two things that really sicken me with what happened. First how the pack were allowed into a built up area without supervision, and secondly that dog died a slow painful death and was left to hang there for hours in sight of children playing in the park. These people don’t give a damn about human or animals’ wellbeing.”

(from League Against Cruel Sports Crimewatch desk)

This is just one example of the reality behind the mythology – it will only stop when the public know the truth.

The League Against Cruel Sports has been advised that the Ghelligaer Hunt, initially thought to be the hunt involved in this incident, was not involved. We have been informed and assured that the Ghelligaer Hunt was not hunting within a ten mile radius of this incident on Saturday 10th October. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this earlier error.

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