The ConDem budget has reaffirmed two things – the Lib Dems are not to be trusted and Tories don’t care about anything or anyone outside their own constituency. Minority Pastime has always felt that the Conservative’s committment to Repeal of the Hunting Act is about ‘Power’. Widespread and determined cruelty is the res…ult, but this is just collateral damage – they just don’t care about foxes one way or the other. Just as they don’t care about the more vulnerable and disadvantaged members of our communities. Thatcher showed this – and indeed articulated it on at least one occasion. Throughout our campaign we have found numerous political comparisons and links to Hunting. This Guardian editorial is a prime example – the Lib Dems have now been ‘blooded’ like unsuspecting children at their first ‘kill’. It will not be long before, to quote Ewan McLennan’s song, “The blood of the sport stains their hands” as well.

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