After the Beaufort hounds crushed by a train as they chased a fox across the mainline railway on New Year’s Eve, today’s news is a pack chasing a fox through a housing estate in Droitwich, leaping over a six foot fence and racing around in and out the driveways and past the shocked residents pushing prams…. another example apparently of hounds being exercised and a fox behaving suicidally by jumping out in front of them. Unusually, this incident made a national newspaper – perhaps because the pictures were so explicit…. usually these incidents go virtually without notice. For example a pack of hounds being hit by a train last February – one killed and the train held up on the Hereford Paddington mainline. The huntsman remonstrated with the train driver and announced his intention of re-crossing the line to meet up with another hunt (it is illegal to cross a railway line but when do the rules ever apply to hunts? – I am looking for the answer to that question too).

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