Sarah Pettygoose of the First Nation People of Ontario, Canada is sending a specially made fox sculpture for us. The First Nation people have put it through their ceremonies so that it can carry strength and protection for the hunted foxes of England – it will soon be on its way here.

Ms. Ward:
I am writing you on the behalf of Walpole Island First Nation People of Ontario Reservation. We had the gift of viewing your film on the plight of the Red Foxes Of England. We, would like to extend our support. After our discussion of this film, we would like to say that this is not hunting. We, The First Nation People of Canada, are by tradition, hunters. We ache for the plight of Red Fox whose existence is compromised by those who cannot see that we and all creatures of earth are of the same root. A strong love and veneration of nature has led us and for you, an appreciation of the Red Foxes. These acts of violence and destruction do not fit into any of our own cultural contexts, and confronts our preconceptions about what these people call hunting. We are by tradition hunters and gatherers. The animals and nature provides us with the gift of reciprocal life. to take an animal in such a heinous way goes against being in truthful light, rather it strikes a reality, an almost deathly stillness of reality, for those who desire to turn away from the path of good life in this world. Sarah Pettygoose”

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