With less than 2 weeks to the election Minority Pastime is slowly making its mark. Our main aim was always to put this issue on the agenda for public debate. It’s bubbling just under the surface now and where the mainstream media have covered it they have shown some understanding of, and quite a lot of respect for, the cause and its champions. Along with many others, we think we are helping to inform that understanding. There are many groups and organisations pushing – Bryan May’s Save-Me is having an enormous impact and ‘Conservatives Against Fox-Hunting’ deserve admiration for their determination. In fact I do think they somehow epitomise the reason and need for this campaign. Their recognition of the damage that the pledge to repeal will do to their Party is fundamental – and the responses we have seen from the Conservative PPCs etc. show, at best, a misguided loyalty to the leadership and, more generally, outright disdain for the majority of ‘decent’ Conservative voters. As we have heard many times – ‘The Hunters will do anything to make sure they can carry on doing what they want to do’. And Cameron and Herbert appear to be determined to do anything and everything they can to support their cause.

Thanks to all our members for your support. Let’s keep the pressure on.

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