Last week the Warwickshire hunt invaded private land dedicated to wildlife and conservation…where foxes live. What will be the effect on the foxes? Will they leave their safe place? The hunt Master says ‘we endeavour to hunt with the permission of the landowner…I am not being flippant when I say I am genuinely sorry he is upset‘. He does not say he is sorry that it happened, only that he is sorry someone is upset. Like the hunt personnel who came to my village, he does not seem to have any conception of what it means to people to have their homes and land invaded by an out of control pack of dogs trying to find and kill wildlife which is nurtured and respected by the people who live there. Like the hunt that came to my village, he cannot do more than endeavour – in their case it was try – not to invade private land. Where is the ‘I will make absolutely sure this will never happen again’? Why should people be endlessly exposed to this risk because they live in an area where these other people want to carry out their bloodthirsty pastime?

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